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Life is Precious

On the last Friday before I left the office, I gave $90 to my boss that I collected from my co-workers for her retirement party. The day before, I gave my boss’s boss $500 to keep for the party. I told my boss and coworkers where I kept the party favors and well wishes cards for her. Why did I do all this as if I plan to never return? Well, my philosophy in life is to plan for the best and prepare for the worst. I plan to live a very long life that one day I will celebrate my centenarian birthday. I want to travel the world and learn other cultures and taste different cuisines. I plan to write books after books. I wish to visit the orphanages and help the poor. I work hard each day to achieve them, but at the same time, I also prepare that my time on earth could be taken away at any minute. Life is precious. Love with all your heart and ask nothing in return. ❤️ 

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