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Planning for the Loved Ones

Last week I filed income tax as a married woman for the first time in a decade. Being married makes my income tax return $1,000 less. It hurts my pocket, but I preferred to do the right thing than to worry of the audit and paying back with the interests. I am an honest person who has a conscience knowing right from wrong. There are two things you cannot avoid: paying taxes and death. The smart business people know how to pay much less taxes. However, there is no way you can avoid death. Sadly, some people don’t think or plan for the inevitable. I thought so much of death in my teenage years and have planned for it for decades. Why? Because I was hurt, shock and tragically affected by my baby brother’s untimely death. As a result, I treasure my loved ones, especially the little ones very much. I care for them while I’m alive and plan for them when I’m gone. Death is a part of life. It’s nothing to be afraid of or no reason to avoid thinking or planning for it. It would be selfish of you if you have no financial planning for yourself when you get sick and not being able to take care of yourself and or your loved ones. It would cause so much stresses for everyone around you when the day comes. It is not easy for me now to tighten up my belt to pay for what I will need later on. But I know I will have no stresses or worrying financially for my loved ones.

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