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”To Be or Not To Be”

”To be or not to be” is what introduced to us by our longtime member, Wendell at our first Toastmaster meeting for this year 2019. He said what your action today will produce the result of tomorrow. Without action equals no production. Indeed. Although it was raining and cold night, we had twelve members showing up and three new guests. The theme of the night is the New Year Resolution. Everyone gave good tips on how to achieve our new goals for the year. Some mentioned to make short goals and update them frequently while others suggested dedicating each day or each week to achieve the goals. All are good. Thank you all! Gerald gave a convincing speech of restoring the role of the Toastmaster. Future speakers, please write a short bio, the name, and a number of your pathway and the objections of your speech prior to coming to the meeting. Please give them to the Toastmaster of the night, so he/she will introduce you as a speaker. Also, I'll arrive at the club around 6:20 p.m. on each meeting. I have time to help anyone who wants me to show you how to navigate the Toastmaster pathways or any questions who might have. Again, thank you, everyone, for coming. Thanks to Lilian for the sweet treat. Hopefully, this year, 2019, will be as sweet as your delicious cake 😊 See you all soon. Crystal  

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