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To My Dearest Jayden

What a joy for having you this Sunday morning! I love your sweetness, innocence, and active personality. You sure are talking a lot now for a four-year-old boy. You were so excited about entering into a bus where it took us to the chapel this morning. As soon as you sat down, you asked me to buckle you up. You chatted nonstop. When the bus stopped at the parking lot, you jumped with joy as I held your hand. I wanted to seize this precious moment forever! ❤️ After an hour in service, I came to pick you up at the daycare. You were happy to show your teacher your shoes lighting up as you stepped on them. She complimented how beautiful they were. At a quick and thoughtful response, you said: “I’ll buy them for you.” The teacher was delighted at your gracious. I am sure you made her day. As we walked out of the building, two young scouts approached us and handed you some pamphlets. You received them with joy and appreciation. You said to me as we were leaving: “Nana, I want to buy them toy cars. They are so nice giving me these books.” Yes, baby, you can buy them as many toys as your heart desires. Last year, the first time I introduced you to our chapel, you fell in love with it. You came home and prayed. Although I couldn’t take you there every Sunday, you still remain a faithful child of God, asking me or your mom to pray with you every night. God has entered your heart and continue to remain there no matter what. Unfortunately, your mom has not believed in God, a higher being than herself. Therefore, she cannot nurture your beliefs. As your nana, I can only do what I can within my limits because I have other responsibilities as well. I promise to take you to our chapel as often as I can. I promise to be with you here in flesh or spirit as long as you live. I love you more than words can say. May God bless you and guide your path with endless joy and happiness. May He show you to live a selfless life, serving others always. May He continue keeping the loving and caring spirits in you no matter how old you will become. May He keep you safe always ❤️ Your one and only nana, Crystal H. Vo 01/20/2019 

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