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Does God Exist?

Does God exist? It’s a question that has been asked for centuries. It depends on whom the question address to. Some say yes, no or I don’t know unless you prove it. When I was in college, I wrote an essay about God whether he exists or not. While doing research, reading both sides of the arguments, which sounded very convincing, I didn’t know where I stand. Part of being unable to make a stand had to do of life lack of experiences. I was only in my twenties. 😂 If I were asked the same question again: Does God exist? My answer would be yes. Although I cannot see him in the physical form, I can feel his blessings. All of my sincere prayers are being answered. Having faith in someone higher than yourself can help you rest your worries. In the time of sadness, sincere prayers are all needed to lift up your spirit. Being a trustworthy person, I give people benefits of doubts. There are good and bad people in all professions. Being skeptical is good because it prevents you from making mistakes. But being too skeptical about everything can be harmful to you. You could lose a good friend or a good business opportunity. God only exists when you believe he does. ❤️ 

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