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The Middle Class

After hanging up the phone, I felt bad for one of my customers yesterday. She said as long as her children have Medi-Cal, it was all matter. She didn’t care that she was not insured due to lack of fund to buy insurance from CoveredCA. What if something happens to her? How is she going to pay for the medical bills, and who is going to take care of her children when she is not well? There are many people who are underinsured and or not insured at all in America... The poor gets everything from housing, food, and Medi-Cal while the middle class is being punished by the system. What makes me feel sad the most is dealing with retirees who work all their lives, but are not getting the full medical services due to their social security benefits or pensions being over the income limit for Medi-Cal. Being old and sick without proper care is terrible! What can you and I do? Lobby to the Congress to have all retirees get full medical benefits regardless of their income? Or work extra hard while we can, so we will rise above the middle class when we retire? ❤️ 

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