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Our Beloved Pastor Poncho Juarez

I enjoy going to my chapel every Sunday in the last few years because our pastor has a great gift in sharing the Bible verses as well as his great sense of humor. Even on difficult topics, he can make them light. He's real and genuine who only spreads love. He shows us his vulnerability which makes me relate because we all have flaws who need God’s grace and mercy. Today he shared with us about his plan in 2019. He will focus more on his wife. He said, “my wife needs me. She does not have her mom nor dad to help her. Our children cannot help her because they have their own family. She needs me and I will be here for her as much as needed.” Suddenly, I got really emotional and couldn't hold my tears from falling down. I was touched for his true love for his wife of almost fifty years. I was feeling sad that one day he won’t be on stage sharing with us beautiful sermons as well as making us laugh each and every time. He said he is not retired yet. Until that day, I'm grateful for his knowledge and wisdom. I pray to God to keep him and his family safe always. 🙏 Sometimes I feel like a super woman who can do anything she wants to do, but other times I realize that everyone has a limit, me included. Like the pastor’s wife who announced to us today that she is training the young women to take over the women ministry. She has been there for almost three decades. Like her, I think I have another twenty years to thirty years to contribute my knowledge and work to the society. One day, my body won’t allow me to do such hard work. Everything comes to an end. What important now is doing what you can. Time waits for no man. Dust will return to dust. A life worth living is serving others in many different forms. ❤️ 

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