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Juror #4

Having sat in a courtroom as a juror number 4 for the first time gives me a mixed emotion as I listened to the judge’s order to not have any compassion about the case. It had to base solely on evidences presented in the courtroom. It was difficult for me because emotion had led most of my decisions in life. Innocent or guilty? Who am I to judge when I myself still have many flaws? There are always reasons behind the actions. Some are sound, but some are not. I had been on the other end of the spectrum where pain, hunger for love and acceptance were my constant companions. People who are fortunate to have held a high status in society need to have a heart of love and compassion. That’s what missing in this world. Seeing unjust situations happen every day breaks my heart each time. It was a relief for me that both counsels reached the plead bargain today. We didn’t get to hear what the resolution was. Whatever it is, I pray for the defendant to have more lucks in life. ❤️

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