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Living Life with a Purpose

Behind me, was a sound of a woman crying when our pastor asked those who had lost their loved ones this year to stand up at the beginning of today service. Two couples and a woman stood up. Minutes earlier, I shook hands with one of the women as our usual greeting in the morning service. Who could have thought she had gone through heartache for losing her loved ones this year, the first Christmas without them must be a hard one! He prayed for them as he also asked for prayers for his family who is in the same boat. I couldn't help feeling emotional. My tears rolled out of my eyes uncontrollably as I reflected on how painful to have lost family members. The pastor then said that as human we are the only one specie who know our time is limited on earth, yet somehow some chose to not think or prepare for death, while others are afraid of it. Death is inevitable. It does not discriminate anyone, whether you are rich or poor, black or white. What important is how we live our lives and what legacy we leave behind. This body our ours will die, that is the physically death, but the spiritual does not have to die. It can live on if we know soon enough to turn our lives around and do what is right. I probably thought about death more than I should have had when my baby brother died prematurely when I was twelve years of age then. Am I afraid of it? No, but I pray for an easy exist, without prolong pain. In the meantime, I live my life to the fullest. Love with all my heart and help those around me without asking anything in return. I don't care too much for material life. I work hard each day to have enough money to care for my loved ones, and spare some change for the poor and sick. I'm thankful for this life I have. I'm grateful for my two mothers. My biological mother is 76, and my mother-in-law turned 85 today. I love them with all my heart and wish nothing but good health and happiness for them both as always. December 9, 2018

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