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Pursuing a Writing Career

Being able to pursue one's passion is the greatest blessing of all. I'm truly happy and blessed to do what I love and love what I do in writing. It's not only my pleasure to express my feeling in writing, but it's such a great joy knowing that my passion will also come with rewards, after I signed up for the Writerswork online couple days ago. I can't wait to dive it! Being busy all day today, but I managed to go over the three modules video lessons of how to start writing professionally on this platform. The lessons are short, interesting and informative. I won't rush myself to do everything at once. Each day I will dedicate an hour in writing, perhaps starting with 360 words. Also, I will learn to hone my craft by reading every articles available on the site. My next goal is to build a nice profile and portfolio. Wanting to make extra money online for years, but I didn't know how and where to start until now. I'm truly happy to have found this site where I invested forty-sevent dollars which is equal or less to a one-time family night out. I also invested in this new Microsoft laptop, small and light where I can it anywhere in the world to work on my articles. This laptop cost me a lot more than the membership for this site, about twelve times to be exact. Well, nothing is cheap around here. The nice part about my electronics on BestBuy is that I always do installment, 18 months without interests. That's what I have been doing for ages where I don't feel too much pinch on my wallet. I'm filling up my writing goal for tonight -360 words. I need seventy words more. Someday I can write thousands of words, but others words seem hard to catch. Regardless, I still enjoy writing much. Anything can turn into a short story or articles. Once again, I'm happy and thankful for the ability to read and write in two languages: English and Vietnamese. I'm a bit more fluent in my native language which is a plus for a bilingual writer.

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