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Feeling a bit emotional tonight after watching two video clips sung by Josh Groban "Believe" and "The Prayer" sung him and Celine Dion. I love this kind of uplifting music very much. It always inspires me. Earlier today while walking with my co-worker at our morning break, I told her I just signed up online at writer work where I will be submitting my articles/short stories for extra bucks in the future. She asked me why I work too hard for extra money. It's easy for her to not have to worry about making extra money because she has no one else to care for while I have so many... Writing, for me, is definitely not working. It's a joy to be able to share my thought and stories to the world. I have a lot to learn to make money in this craft. I received this email from one of my board members from Toastmaster today reminding to make a short speech at the meeting next Monday: "Dear Crystal H. Vo, At the Christmas Party, I will introduce you and you can give us a few words of wisdom. Keep the length of time around no more than four minutes. There will be no Timer so judge accordingly. Again I appreciate you taking on the challenge of being our Club President. Our Club is over 50 years of age and it has been successful so make your term a good one not only for you but for the Club." I am not sure what to say, but I'll be thinking of something inspiring this weekend. While earlier today, I created a retirement flyer for my boss and sent it to the unit members for approval. Also, I sent a message to all my Vietnamese writers to submit their stories at the end of the month. Simultaneously, I am in charge of a few projects and still learning to make extra money on my writing and real estates. They can be challenging if I don't plan them carefully. I love a busy and challenging life. I always believe that you have one life to live, why not make the best of it? I'm thankful for everything as always. ❤️ Day 156 December 4, 2018

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