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Thanksgiving 2018

I went to bed early yesterday like around 9:00 p.m right after I washed the last pot and pan 😂. I didn’t wear my comfortable tennis shoes yesterday, so at the end of the party, my legs, as well as my arms, were dead tired 😓. I used to host party quite often when my children were much younger but did not feel this much exhaustion before. I guess age is catching up with me no matter how young I feel inside. I can’t change the law of gravity. Our bodies are like machines which are wear and tear... Despite how tired I was, I would still do it again. There were almost thirty people in my house yesterday. The turkey turned out very delicious 😋. One of my daughters told me she normally didn’t care for turkey, but last night she ate quite a bit of it. I’m happy seeing all the adults as well as children having a great time. I’m thankful for my family as always ❤️ Day 145 November 23, 2018 

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