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Preparation for a Thanksgiving Feast

Cooking is a form of art which requires creativity. One can only create a masterpiece with passion and lots of practices. I have a few passions which include cooking. Having the basic skills already, I can replicate a meal easily with a little touch of my own. This afternoon I spent a little over two hours cutting eight pounds of green beans and marinating a 22 and 1/2 pounds of butterball turkey. Although it was a long and tidiest process, I enjoyed doing it very much. I'm looking forward to baking a delicious turkey and decorating my humble place with autumn leaves. I'm most joyful when I see my house full of family and close friends eating the food I prepare with labor of love. I'm happy and thankful for my loved ones in my life. I wish you also have a warm and joyful Thanksgiving tomorrow if you are in America. 🦃🙂

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