• Crystal H.Vo

Welcoming a Newfound Passion

It’s only seven thirty in the morning, yet I finished reading two chapters of the real estate investing and updated my website crystalhvo.com. I’m so happy and thankful that I got the most visit on my site on November 8th. What happened on that day? I am thankful to Vietbao.com admit for allowing me to share my site on my Vietnamese writing contest posted on their site! I have 24 hours like everyone else, but I have learned to manage my time wisely, so I can get a lot done. I plan to read at least a chapter a day on the R.E investment. On the weekend I go over their videos training. By the time I have three-day in-person training in a few weeks, I’m prepared for it. I truly want to make it in this field, so I put all my time and energy in it. Everything else is secondary. I’m happy and grateful to look forward to the newfound. passion 🙏😊

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Los Angeles, CA, USA


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