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I Need a Little Luck

Everything happens for a reason. Everyone you meet plays a role in your life. Some are bad news while others are blessing in your life. I have not made an effort to make friends outside of work because mainly I have no time. But I welcome those who reach out to me and want to be my friends. I play fair and expect the same.

Truly happy to have talked to a longtime real estates investor this evening who is a friend of my new friend. He started out with very little money thirty years ago, after nine times of selling his houses without paying taxes because the profits were under $500,000, he has made the big buck. Currently, he is investing in $2.4 million in building a brand new house and now the market price is $4.5 million. He has been there for an about two years. That’s insane! In real estates, if you are smart and have a little luck, your life can change overnight. I think I have the brain. Just need a little luck 🍀🙂

I’m happy and grateful for many great opportunities waiting for me in the very near future. Thank You ❤️

Day 126 November 4, 2018

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