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Age is Just a Number

As usual, today I spent my lunchtime with my coworkers mostly on Fridays, the rest of the week we are on our own. It’s very nice for having friends who you can talk to and going to places with. Strangely, all of my friends are about ten to fifteen years younger than I am, but I feel perfectly the same age as theirs, not a day older. This means I’m young at heart. I believe age is just a number. Some people feel and act old in their fifty while others feel and act young in their seventy. I’d like very much to be the latter group. I am happy that I can enjoy good meals, a good walk on the sidewalk with my good friend every day at work. Sometimes we tend to take things for granted until we lose the very basic ability to function. I had been in situations where I could not walk because I did not take care of my feet properly. Until that happened, I knew how precious our health can be. Without health, there is no joy of living. I’m grateful for my health. I’m happy and appreciate life as always. Thank You! ❤️ 

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