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Feel Like a Winner Tonight!

I did it!!! After one whole month of reading, rereading, taking tests and retaking tests, I passed all eight real estate exams with 70% and higher tonight. I was nervous about submitting the last answer because I didn't want to study anymore 😂This time the renewal process was ten times more difficult than the last. I'm so relief now. By the end of this weekend, I'll be paying for the renewal license fee online, and I'm officially back to the active agent. Early this morning, my boss from the real estate company sent a group message. It read: see you at noon. I supposed it was for potluck for Halloween. I wished I knew it in advance to buy a costume. Nevertheless, I showed up with two boxes of Chinese food. I was a bit nervous for coming here because I haven't seen my boss for a couple of years. I am glad she did not make me feel uncomfortable. I was happy that she liked the Chinese food I brought 🙂 I'll spend one hour during lunch each weekday for the training and go there on Saturdays to learn from other agents. I'd love to tag along with them when they have open houses. I didn't care for real estate before, but I retrained my brain lately that it is a great profession and a means for me to take good care of my family and help others. While eating today with other agents, I got interested when I heard them talking about real properties and investments. I can’t wait to own a piece of property one day. I’m happy and grateful for coming back to the business with an open mind and great interest. Thank You! 🙏🙂 Day 122 October 31, 2018

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