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Inspired by My Elderly Neighbor

This morning as soon as I parked my car outside of my house and walked into the gate, my elderly neighbor called me into her little garden. She said she has saved a big melon for me. She wanted me to bring it home. She showed me several ones. They are giant, no less than 25 pounds each. I told her I’ll ask my husband to pick it up later. She does have a green thumb. She’s in her late 80th, but she does not seem to slow down anytime soon. I see her every day getting busy in her garden as early as seven in the morning. It’s the best exercise she could get with natural Vitamin D. I’m doing my best to get a little exercise at work. Each day, one of my coworkers and I walk during our two breaks for fifteen minutes each. With the office job we have, we have no choice but get ourselves out of office; otherwise, we would get sick for sitting too long. Many people gain so many weights working in our office, part of it due to eating too many cakes and potlucks. I have gained 15 pounds, almost a pound a year working here lol. Gaining too many weights can be deadly because it creates many medical complications. For that reason, we stopped celebrating a birthday for a year already except for our boss. We do potlucks just a few times a year. I still have to discipline myself much more when it comes to eating. Healthy body equals to a healthy mind which leads to a happy soul 😊 I'm thankful for my health as always. I'm thankful for my family well being.❤️ Day 111 October 20, 2018 

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