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Hard Work

I didn’t get a memo before the meeting that I was supposed to be a humorous master for tonight at our Toastmaster club. I didn’t prepare for it, and not wanted to look like a fool, so I declined the assigned duty as they asked me. Thus Toastmaster asked me to take the role of a timer instead. Wendell, our oldest member of 43 years, accepted the humorous master role. He has never failed to astonish me with his great sense of humor as he delivered a short joke in front of the group. As for me, I sat behind an electronic timer, jotting down the time, minutes and seconds, of all speakers tonight. I had a little trouble in the beginning. I was busy timing, writing down names, about a good twenty speakers total. Toward the end of the impromptu speeches, I tried to avoid eye contact from the table topic master, but he got me. I was the last speaker. I was not nervous at all. I listened to the question carefully and delivered a good two minutes and fifty-second speech. I got almost an excellent feedback on the speech. Very happy and pleased with the result tonight! 😊 It has been a very long day for me tonight. Ten hours at work, almost an hour driving to the speaking club( got lost tonight for taking a different route) and two hours at the meeting. It’s all worth it. In a year or two, I hope to become a professional speaker and make a little extra cash. The best earning is doing what you love. I’m happy and grateful for the opportunities always. 😊 Day 113 October 22, 2018

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