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I’m Grateful for My Family

I spent about one hour with baby Jayden in a park this morning while his mom had to do her school assignments. He enjoyed riding his tricycle very much. I helped him a little bit when he was going uphill. I have wished him “Happy Birthday” for a week already, but today is his actual day of birth four years ago. Happy birthday, baby Jayden! 🙂🎁🎉 As for me, I brought some old slices of bread to the park to feed the ducks. They scared me a little because there were so many of them, and some were big and aggressive lol 😂. I love this park so much because it’s beautiful and close by home. Would love to spend at least an hour each weekend here. After I took Jayden home to his mom, I didn’t leave the house at all. I stayed home, cleaned up the kitchen, watched a couple movies on Netflix and took more real estates exam. I passed another one today, one more last test which consists of two parts. I hope to pass them all this month. This evening my son, Charlie told me he’s not decided what major to pursue in college. He said he doesn’t like math or science. He’s good in animation art but does not want to pursue it as a career. He looks into Social Work Major, but the pay is very minimal. I suggested him pursue a business major and minor in an art which can be his hobby or a side job. I told him if you want to become rich, the business major will pave the way. You can only become rich when you are your own boss. He’s finished thirty credits in college already. Next Fall he’s eligible to transfer to a university. I hope he will choose a college major wisely and soon finish it. My both children are very blessed because they have all the opportunities to become the best version of themselves. I give them nothing but my love and full support in whatever they choose to become. I’m happy and grateful for them who are becoming productive citizens. ❤️ 

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