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Happy Birthday, Baby Jayden!

I was busy all day today celebrating my baby Jayden’s birthday. He will turn four years old tomorrow. Happy birthday and many more, my love! 🎁❤️ My niece on my husband’s side came to the birthday because she saw me preparing Ceviche the night before. She loved that I made it last time and wanted more! I’m happy that I have mastered the art of making it after several trials and errors. 😊 Toward the end of the party, I sold two books for $30. My nieces gave me an extra of $10. I could have given them the books for free, but it makes me feel good for making some money out of my book which I had put a lot of heart and sweat into it. I still have quite a few books 📚 to sell. I believe they will find their ways to other’s hands one day 🙏😊 I’m happy it was a good day. I’m thankful for family and friends who came to join our happy occasion. Much love! ❤️ Day 104 Saturday, October 13, 2018

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