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Changing My Lifestyle

I was in a hurry running out of the door this morning, so I grabbed what I could for work today - honey nut cereal and a banana 😋 I am still not yet accustomed to eating cereal with milk for breakfast. The other day I had some cinnamon cereals for a snack. My daughter bought it. I liked them, but they are loaded with sugars, so I decided to buy something more healthy. Snacking is a habit I still cannot kick while I'm at work. Instead of eating chunk food, I pack a small portion of cereals which will last me a day 😊 In August I received my annual checkup report. It shows that my sugar level is very close to prediabetes. Having family members who are diabetics, it could be genetic. Changing my lifestyle can help to prevent it from happening. I now eat much less white rice. Never care for a cake before so no worries on this one. My weakness is the noodle 😂. I enjoy a bowl of Pho 🍲 once a week. I think it should be all right. One other area I need to be mindful is the low level of calcium. Currently, I’m taking Vitamin D Calcium each day. I’m still not used to taking milk. Will need to work on this area. Other than that everything else is fine. You see, our bodies like machines which need annual checkup and maintenance. Your health is more important than your wealth. I’m working on mine. Will you work on yours? 😊 Have a great weekend. 🙂 Day 103 Friday, October 12, 2018

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