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Happy 100 Days of ”What I Am Gratedul For” blogging

Day 100: Tuesday, October 9, 2018 Happy 100th days of ”What I am Grateful For” 🎉🙏❤️ I’m happy and grateful for being able to write consistently in the last 100 days. There are happy and sad days. There are waves of laughter and tears. There are failures and triumphant. All of them are made up of a human life. Being an honest person, I share my true feelings without any concealer. I am not afraid to show my tears when I’m sad, nor show my teeth when I’m happy. I’m not afraid to speak my mind when needed. What I have learned to do is to refrain myself from speaking or writing about my complaints because they don’t do any good, instead, they would manifest if I feed into them. I’ve learned to pray for them and leave my worries and frustrations behind. I’ve learned to trust in our Creator for things happen for a reason. I’ve learned to believe in a better future and I constantly feed my mind nothing but positivities. I’m forever grateful for having the ability to write and share the words of love, compassion, and encouragement. I thank you for following ”days of my life”. Shall we continue the next 100 days and many more thereafter? 😊

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