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Sharing is Caring

Vivian, my daughter, found out that I had no work today, so she left Jayden to me because he was still sleeping. Seeing him slept soundly, I decided to take more exam this morning. When he woke up, he didn’t knock on my bedroom’s door as usual, instead, he walked past my room and said loudly, ”Is anyone downstair?” I ran out to hold him and gave him lots of kisses and hugs. I asked him to wait for me for a few minutes to complete my exam. So happy I passed another exam with 80%. As usual, I always celebrate any little success, so I took him to a Vietnamese restaurant where he loves Phở Bò (beef rice noodle soup). He ate a whole bunch of bean sprouts with his soup. When we were walking back to our car, there was a lady in her early thirty standing nearby our car. As I approached the car, she asked me if I wanted a bunny. That was a bit strange, I thought. Soon I realized she is a homeless person because she has her belongings in a small shopping cart. Jayden took several candies with him when he left the restaurant . He offered her one. She was pleased with a very big and beautiful smile. She is a bit underweight with a set of sad eyes. I told Jayden that’s a homeless lady, someone who sleeps on a pavement at night. With a quick thought, he replied: “I want to build a house with a heart-shaped for her.” “Thank you, Baby. Sharing is caring, right?” I responded. He replied with a big smile and a nod. Then I drove off the parking lot to take him to school. We were one hour late. I didn't know he had to be in school before 9:30 a.m. 😀 My parents taught me sharing at a young age. I’m doing this in honor of them ❤️

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