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My Baby

Day 94: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 Thank you for a beautiful day ahead! Woke up to the sound of my baby Jayden outside of my bedroom, “I love you, nana.” He’s my sweetheart. ❤️ I pick him up from school every Tuesday and care for him till he falls asleep. Last night he had a hanging toenail. He cried for help. I took out a nail clipper and placed his foot next to the nightlight. With my reading glasses on, I could see clearly. Within seconds I took care of it. He was so happy and called me “doctor.” My baby, I love him to pieces! He corrects me sometimes that he’s not a “baby” anymore. Lol 😂. I dreaded when my son, Charlie was becoming a teenager because I knew he would lose his innocence and cuteness. At this time I enjoy spending time with my baby Jayden as much as I can. I love young children very much. I hope one day I can spread my love to more children. I’m thankful for having a heart full of love ❤️

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