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Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Day 93: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 Last night I stayed up late to edit my story. I didn’t plan to stay up that late, but I got caught into it. I enjoy reading and writing very much. Now may I add enjoying making extra money? Being an idealist I had never cared for it much, but I have to learn to balance it in life. If I continue telling myself that I like numbers, I will eventually like them, right? Yesterday, I went over two real estate books. I plan to do the same today. My younger sister asked me last night when I would be coming home. I told her I have not decided whether on the Lunar New Year in the next February or in the summer. I talked to my husband about it of how I wish to be by my mom as soon as possible. I told him I don’t care about going to other places but home. I have always felt that I have two homes where my heart is divided into halves. I’m grateful for my families. I am thankful for everything! ❤️

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