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Study Time 🤓

Day 92: Monday, October 1, 2018 It was meant for me to stay home from church yesterday. When I logged into the real estate website, it says that my license will be expired on October 4th, so I signed up for the online training, but I have to wait till October 4th to take the exams which consist of six subjects: Fair Hearing, Risk Management, Agency, Consumer Protection, Trust Funds, and Ethics. I have to pass all with 70% or above to get my license. I don’t remember how I did it last time, but this does not seem that easy. It’s time to stay focus! 🤓 It’s the first day of October! I can’t believe I’ve been writing for a little over three months already. I love the consistency of writing which keeps me focus and grounded. I love life. I love the ability to bring peace and comfort to many near and far. There are so much more I want to do for others. My happiness is seeing others happy. Have a blessed day and a productive week. ❤️

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