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Delivery My Longest Speech Tonight

Day 87: Wednesday, September 26, 2018 This is it - the day I have been anticipating for in the last three weeks. I am ready! 😊 My husband woke up to work before dawn, so did I. Lying on my bed for an hour or so, I couldn’t help but think and worry about the speech tonight, so I asked the private women prayer group online which I’m a member of for their words of encouragement and prayers. I’m grateful for their responses. Here is what I wrote: “Please pray for me tonight as I’ll be speaking in front of a group of mostly strangers for twenty minutes. It’s the longest speech I’ll have ever delivered. My goal is to reach their hearts and get accepted as a certified speaker. Thank you. 🙂🙏 FYI. English is my second language. When I was super nervous in the past, I could not pronounce words correctly or made any coherent sense.” Luckily, today is my regular day off from work, so I had the luxury to go back to sleep for almost two hours. After I woke up, I wrote on the Writers’ Group: “Writing is much more comfortable than speaking in front of a large group of audiences. When you write, you are in the comfort of your own space, just you and your imagination. But when you do public speaking, you deal with others and your crazy head. Some days you have great confidence in your speeches, others you are distracted by a drop of a pin 😂. However, speaking takes you out of your comfort zone and bring you to a next level. That’s where you get to meet your potential clients. Your spoken words can reach deep in their souls. I challenge you to take the next step as I also challenge myself to do the same tonight. “😊 What writing does to me is calming my nerve. Many years ago, instead of getting crazy with my teenage daughter and a stressful life, I decided to put all my frustrations in my journals. It worked every time. Now I don’t write privately anymore. My difficulty situations are not much different from many out there. It makes me feel very good when someone tells me your words lift up my spirits. A wise woman once said, “You can not pour a fragrance on someone without having a few drops on yourself.” 😊 Have a blessed day/night. 🙏

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