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Senate Bill 895 Passed Into Law

Day 84: Sunday, September 23, 2018 What a blessed Sunday morning! I'm sitting here listening to a live music at the High School Ministry and writing to you. I went to the morning service earlier and I'm here for a few hours. Very soon I'll be talking to the high school children who sit alone instead of writing. I give myself a little time to getting to know the people here. I was on my feet no less than six hours yesterday for my grandson’s birthday. I was smart this time by putting my Skecher tennis shoes on which came with extra cushions. In the past, my feet always failed me after several hours of preparation and serving food at the parties. The older I get, the more health conscious I become. It really sucks to live in pain. Our body is like a machine which wears and tears. It’s up to us to maintain it in order for it to function well. Waking in the middle of the night last night, I was overjoyed for reading the breaking news that Governor Jerry Brown signed the Senate Bill 895 into law. The author of the bill is Senator Janet Nguyen. It will introduce the refugee lives of the Cambodian, Hmong, and Vietnamese to California educational curriculum in the next five to seven years. Being a refugee and a writer, it will definitely bring a positive impact. I'm happy. I'm grateful for everything as always.🙂

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