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What I am Thankful for Today - September 15, 2018

Day 76: Saturday, September 15, 2018 I’m happy and thankful for waking up this morning to see my Vietnamese article got published on the Vietnamese website. It’s about my path to becoming a public speaker. It started when I was only sixteen years old while living in the Galang Indonesia Refugee Camp in 1986. After my big speech, I will translate it into English. I’m going to practice the speech for thirty minutes or so before I meet up with my mentor this morning. I never had a mentor before. It feels good to have guidance. Three things that I will focus on: writing, public speaking and learning the Bible. I read half of the book of Roman this week. It took me a long time because I had to look up words. After reading this book, I’ll read the book of Act. It’s a much longer one which will take me weeks. While reading, it mentions the Holy Spirit. Not sure what it is so I asked several people. One of my coworkers shared with me her experiences of encountering the Holy Spirit after evolving with a church for nine years. She said she asked God for it. After she felt it, her life has changed ever since. She has no longer felt depressed. My husband, on the other hand, felt it the minute it came to church at 13. Unfortunately, he strayed away for decades until one day, he decided to get back. When he came back he felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in him again. It has guided him to be the person with a purpose. Now, working with men who have done some wrongs, he enjoys sharing with them the Bible verses. He has lifted many souls. His goal after he is retired is to get involved in the Marriage Ministry. I never knew about his experiences with the Holy Spirit until last night. As for me, I’ll have a long talk with the Creator. I want to feel it one day. ❤️ Have a great weekend! 🙂

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