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A Happy Heart

After lunch today, my coworker and I walked toward a discount store next door for a few minutes to check on lottery tickets I bought a while ago. I won a whole dollar 😀 and exchanged for a new ticket. After we left the store, we talked about winning jackpots. As always I told her I would not want to win a big jackpot because I know not-a-hard-earned money would do any good for my family. My children, my husband and even I would change not for the better but for the worse. I would have many relatives and friends who were not there before, etc. You may call me silly, but I prefer to make a decent income and live a humble life. I never care for anything extravagant. I am a simple person and enjoy simplicity. What makes me happy is being able to have a voice. What makes me happy is being in touch with nature and young children. I love their innocence. What makes me happy is being able to share food with the hunger, clothing to homeless and medicines for the sick. You see, my happiness does not require a lot of money. A rich heart is a happy heart ❤️. I’m grateful for having a heart burning of love and compassion.

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