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Accepting Jesus Into My Heart

Yesterday during lunchtime, I wanted to practice my speech but I felt a bit tired. Then I wanted to rest in my car, yet it was too hot, so I walked a few steps to this sideway of the freeway. I sat on a green grass under a big shade while looking out to where cars after cars driving by for 45 minutes. I felt peace and relaxed by sitting there alone. I often enjoy time alone while listening to a classical/ instrumental music. I prefer this alone time more than I have had lately. It gives me time to reflect on many things, but sometimes I just wanted to not think about anything. Just relax and enjoy the present time. Recently I accepted Jesus into my heart. I was baptized for a little over ten years, but I never really accepted him. Just a few months ago, when I was on a verge of breaking down, I sincerely prayed to him. I said to myself, “I have nothing to lose but so much to gain for welcoming him in my heart.” My prayers are answered one by one. I have a lot to learn. Coming from a Buddhist background, I have a strong love in the Buddhist teaching, not so fond of the religious practices though. I will continue to respect and follow his teaching as well. I don’t consider myself a religious person perse. I’m more of a spiritual. I believe in prayers and doing good deeds. Last night I shared the below message with my pastor: ”I’ve read many thick books, cover to cover, but I have not read a bible. I’ll open it and study one page at a time. My arms are now opened to welcome Jesus Christ in my life for I want so much to touch the lives of others through the teaching of God because my life has improved by believing in him. “ I am grateful for God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus for keeping myself and my family safe always. I am happy and thankful for seeing lights at the end of the tunnel! ❤️

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