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”A Grandma Driver”

How many lives does a cell phone have? I heard a cat has nine lives. So far my iPhone has two lives lol. Yesterday while driving back from McDonald, I realized my phone was missing. Pulled my car over and looked outside. It still lay on the top of my car where I left it while buckling up my baby in the car. I told my daughter this afterward. She said thanks to me for being a “grandma driver.” Lol I have been a very conscious and careful driver ever since I had my children. Back then I knew my children depended on me, so I valued my life very much. I reduced my speeding on freeways and no longer drove on the fast lanes. Nowadays, as soon as I get in my car, I turn on classical music where I give myself chances to relax and meditate. I hardly ever feel frustrated on the road no matter the heavy traffics nor bad drivers. I just mind my own business and enjoy the ride. You have no control over what others do. What you can control is your own reaction to the situations. Life is too short to get upset at something you have no control of. Let live and enjoy the ride ❤️

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