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RIP Dad - written on 06/10/2016

Today I received this post, two years memory from Facebook. I cried. It’s been two years since my father has passed away. It seems like yesterday he was still with us:

Mom asked me earlier tonight if I could move back home. She did ask me many years in the past because she saw how struggling I have been as a single mom with two children. But now she wanted me to live here more than ever because she will be lonely without my father. I wish I could! Like many of us here, my mom is still in shock and denial that dad has just left us. Currently, his body is still home for the past couple days with countless number of family, friends and neighbors coming to pay their last respect. Live music, chanting, food, drinks and talking are around the clock... After tomorrow night, he will be buried in the early next morning. Everything will get back to normal, except for my father's presence. He was like a pillar to this house. Without him, it won't be as strong or stable as before...❤️

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