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A Miracle is Needed for Vietnamese People

A Miracle is Needed I cried this morning while reading the Cybersecurity Law in Vietnam has just passed on June 12th, which will take effect on January 1st, 2019. This means all Vietnamese net users will be monitored every move they make. They could be banned forever from having internet or get arrested if they write or say something that is not allowed by their government. China has forbidden its 900 million citizens from accessing Google, YouTube, and Facebook. Most likely, Vietnam will follow China’s footstep. Vietnamese citizens will never be able to see the truth because everything will be censored. I truly feel bad for my 90 million Vietnamese people who will be trapped in a big prison! I am saddened that the connection I have with my family and friends on Facebook will be jeopardized. We might not be able to see each other activities shared on the social media. For those Vietnamese overseas who have no family left behind, they can protest and speak out loud in public about the Vietnamese government without worrying about retaliation, but I cannot. Although I’ve always been interested in politics, I hardly voiced my opinion. First, politics is a sensitive subject to bring forth to the public discussion. Second, if you are not careful about what you say, you could make it worse than it is. However, today I make an exception. I know my opinion will not make a difference because the law will be implemented in less than six months. Yet, I still want to talk about it because it is wrong. When this new law takes effect, it will not only stop the Vietnamese from having a connection to the outside world, but it will also covered up all the wrongdoings by their government officials. All civilians will become blind and deaf. They will be like robots which will only be able to to do what their creators allow them to do. Who will be there for them? Who will speak out for them? Most likely, no one can. 😢 It hurts to think for the future of my Vietnamese people because I love them so much. Half of my heart has always left behind there. I wish for a miracle. I wish them well and peace. 🙏

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