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Planing for my book signing

After throwing a successful baby shower for a good friend last week, I focus all my attention now on planning my book signing and interview on the television next month. I am happy and blessed to receiving support from my family, friends and the Vietnamese community. Thank you for all that you do. ❤️ There are about eighteen songs will be sung at my book signing, both in English and Vietnamese. There is one poetry reading in Vietnamese style, almost like opera 😀. (It’s my poem written in English. It was translated into a beautiful Vietnamese poem which follows strict rules. I like the translation piece even more than mine 😂.) There are book reviewers and last but not least my speech in two languages. I don’t think I have ever spoken two languages at the same sitting before. I have written in two languages at the same time though. Hope I won’t stumble. Maybe I’ll bring a note, just in case I get nervous and frozen. I might speak a third language which no one understands, including myself 😜😂 

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