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I'm Grateful for the Continuing Support!

Yesterday my friend called me to order a book for his doctor friend. I told him I only have one book left (I plan to take it to a bookstore this weekend.) I asked him to wait for the next order. Last week I just received a packet of 25 books, and now I’ll have to order more books 📚, 200 more to be exact. The stories I put in my book are 💯 true. I don’t sugarcoat them. Perhaps, that’s why my readers like them. Money has never been the reason for me to pursue a writing career. If money was my passion, I would have focused on my real estate's career. Being able to pursue my passion and make a difference in someone’s life through my writing is more than money can buy. I’m truly thankful for the opportunities and support from many of you out there. They mean the world to me. Thank You! ❤️

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