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I am Thankful for the First Book Review

I’m Thankful as Always I’ve learned long ago to be thankful for everything I have no matter how big or small the blessings. Over the weekend, I checked the Amazon review on my recent book, and I got a first five stars with a beautiful review: ”In broad strokes paints the story of all who struggle during violent times in violent places and with the accompanied with the internal stress and trauma this causes. It’s not a story of defeat but of triumph of the Human spirit and soul in the most trouble of time and place. The names, places, and details can be from a different place or time yet remain freshly new as you place yourself in the story and poems on this small but powerful book. Thank you, Ms. Vo, for giving and helping all of US a Voice.” I’m appreciative of her time to share her thoughts on my book. It’s a book that holds dearly to my heart. It’s so important to me that I even felt if my life were cut short, I would still be satisfied with what I had done my part to share my pain and pleasure of accomplishing this book. Thank you. Thank you to you all who have shown your love on my journey. I’m

eternally grateful for your support.❤️

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