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The Eyes

Earlier today I stopped at a shopping center to buy some readymade food. When I turned in to park my car, I saw an older woman sitting on a sidewalk, right outside of a restaurant, beneath an awning. I noticed that her clothes were wet due to raining. What stood out from her were her two big and sad eyes. They looked straight at me as I parked my car. They seemed to follow me as I left my car to walk into a restaurant. The same big, melancholy eyes 👀 looked at me when I walked toward my car. I stopped and placed a few dollar bills in her hands. She looked at me and said, “Thanks.” I didn’t catch any glimpse of a smile on her, but the same sad eyes were staring into space. As I got inside my car, I stayed a bit longer to observe her. There she was sitting on the pavement with her wet, old ragged clothes on. An old clothed bag, perhaps her only possession, was laying next to her. With a cigarette in her hand, she talked to herself as if someone was right there next to her. As I left the parking lot, my heart was heavy for carrying a set of sad eyes which were reminded of mine many moons ago...

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