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A Corner of My Desk

A Corner of My Desk My desk is like a temple to me. I’ve always kept it neat and clean at work. I spend ten waking hours each day work, so I like to feel at home when I go to work. I love my boss who is like a mother to me. She is sweet, kind and genuinely helpful. I’ll miss her dearly when she retires in a year. Last year I decided to give myself 100% focus on writing. I will not be taking any more promotional exams, which means I will be sitting here till I retire in 2025. I’ll be witnessing my coworkers and boss come and go. It’s life. I’ve learned to not feel attached to people, so I don’t feel too hurt when they no longer show up to work here anymore. As for now, I enjoy my boss and my unit members company very much. We get along very well, and it essential to feel this way at work.

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