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The Importance of Supporting Our Children

Sometimes I go to emotional roller coaster rides at work. Someday I feel good for being able to provide my customers with my social services while other days I have no jurisdiction to do such deed. For instance, last week one of my customers called from an institution and asked why her service got terminated. She’s a young adult, sick, homeless and incarcerated. My heart hurts for seeing such a poor soul going through a desperate situation. All I could tell her to do is to contact the authorities where she is now.

Who are we to blame for this, the parents, the teachers, the society or herself for the bad choices she made? Having two children of my own, I understand how hard it is to raise them. Giving them life is just one thing, but more importantly, is nurturing them to become useful and productive citizens. Coming from an Asian culture where we do not believe that children have to be independent at eighteen years of age. They can stay with the parents as long as needed. Since I live in America for much longer than in Vietnam, I incorporate two cultures into one. I support my both children a few years beyond graduating from high school while they pursue their higher education. Without this help, they would have to struggle very much in life, and that is something I don’t want them to go through what I had been through growing up without my family support.

Each day I deal with people from all walks of life. Some requests for public assistance temporarily while others depend on them to survive. America is the land of opportunities. Many people from other countries want to come here to have the chance to prosper, but why so many people living in this don’t take many opportunities given to them? It’s all start at home. Children need good role models to show them how to live to their fullest potential. They need their parents/guardians support after grades school to prepare them for better job opportunities in the workforce.

Dealing with struggling customers each day at work can be very difficult at times. I hope this society will change, and it all must begin at home..

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