Speak Softly yet Powerfully

About five years ago, I went to an open mic bar for a poetry reading night. I was terrified at first because it was my first time sharing my English poetry with the perfect strangers. I was nervous while waiting, but as soon as I grabbed the microphone, I felt so empowering. I could hear my soft yet powerful voice echoing the whole room. It made me feel liberated just as how a prisoner would feel from being released from a confined cell for decades! Yesterday when I got up on stage to deliver my speech, I felt exactly the same the night I was up on stage reading my poetry. I didn’t have one ounce of nervousness in me, instead, I felt very comfortable with sharing my thought both in English

Mother’s Day 2018

I woke up at four in the morning to a loud noise. I thought it was coming from the neighbor’s, so I closed my windows, but soon I realized my television in the living room was on at the maximum volume. I couldn’t run fast enough to turn it off, due to the fear that it must have been bothering my neighbor so much because their house is only separated from ours by a thin wall 😂 We had a power outage last night from 6:00 p.m to this morning. I suppose my daughter didn’t turn off the TV appropriately before the power outage. Here I am one hour and a half later staying awake to the Mother’s Day. I just checked my email and received an email from Dr. Anthony Cao who sent me an audio music file

Achieving the Impossible

Last night I was in a room full of women. I stood up and told them about my book and when the book signing will take place. I got choked up a little. Not sure if I was nervous or my story is emotional. It was my first time sharing my story in a large group of people. I didn't plan for this, not even having a note to go over. With practice, I'll become a pro one day! 😊 I was the timidest person in the whole wide world. When I was younger, my parents never took me anywhere. Quite often I was left home alone when the entire family went out. Why?! As a result, I was afraid of strangers. I would not talk to anyone unless I was spoken to first. But as an adult, I was determined to get over my s

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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