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Cease the Magical Moment

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Coming home to a warm and delicious meal is a dream come true for all working individuals 😋 I was not happy before when my daughter didn’t have any interests in learning how to cook when she was younger, but today she surpasses me in some dishes. She goes by time and measurement while I use none of them when I cook. I’m the old-fashion type 😂. Yesterday she baked a big piece of salmon with lemon juice, butter, and some other herbs. She also baked asparagus with butter and garlic salt. It was delicious! I told her it tasted even better than the restaurant’s. Can every day be like yesterday? 🙏😂 While my son, daughter and I were eating, I saw my son phone text message coming in. I asked him what happened to the broken phone where he couldn’t use texting before. I offered to get him a new one, but he declined for not wanting to spend money on me. On the other hand, I still keep the same IPhone 6 Plus for the last four years. Interestingly, he said after he dropped his phone, it started to work again. Then I turned to my daughter and asked how her day was at work. She told me she really loves being a social worker. Yesterday, she asked her girls to sit down to tell her what were on their mind. Then my son said he knew his sister would fit perfectly in the social work field. They both put on the brightest smiles on their faces. It was a magical moment we had together, and I want to cease it forever! 🙂 I am truly happy and blessed for raising my children to becoming good citizens to the society ❤️ 

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