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May 26, 2019



Maturity comes with age and experiences. I have matured before my time due to both. I used to ponder about death early on. Often times I asked myself why I came here on earth and what comes after. Having strong faith in God lately, I know where I am going after I am gone.

When I was younger, I didn’t want to leave without a trait on earth. I wanted to leave something behind. That was the reason I’m passionate about writing for I wanted to leave my stories: struggles and triumphs. Now I want to teach all my loved ones and many more on how to take care of their finances. I wish I knew this sooner.

Making money without knowing how to save or invest can give you a hard time later on. Instead of giving my little ones presents from now on, I’ll give them life insurance with living benefits plus investment. I want them all to have a better headstart that they will not have to struggle when they grow up.

Words of wisdom and educating others regarding finances are the two legacies I want to leave when I’m no longer here on earth. What will be your legacy?



Don’t Cry for Me

Tonight, my body is laid to rest
Six feet under the ground
The dust returns to dust
Don’t turn your smile into a frown

Don’t cry for me
With a river of tears
Celebrate me instead
With many happy years

I lived a life
Full of happy memories
With my dear friends and family
What a blessing for me!

I lived to love
With all my heart
I am sorry
We had to part

Live your life
To the fullest potential
Live and love
Like once I did

I’ll be up in Heaven
Waiting for you
When the time comes
I’ll welcome you home.

Crystal H. Vo

#4everlived #livingbenefit 

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