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I Pray

March 26, 2018

My life is not a fairytale
It comes with many unhappy tales
The cries of my children
Break my heart into a million
The unsatisfactory of life
Send me many restless nights
I have done my best
But my best isn't good enough
So I drop down on my knees and pray
For my heart soon find a sunray

I pray to see what Jesus sees
With compassion in his eyes
I pray for my offsprings
To grow wings and fly up in the sky
I pray for God to always
Love and protect my family
I pray for having more wisdom
To forgive those who have done me wrong
As God has forgiven all my sins.

I pray with all my heart
To see a sunlight after a long restless night ❤️

Crystal H. Vo
Palm Sunday in church



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