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I’m now no longer sharing my videos on Facebook for fun only, but I have officially become a video creator/ partnership with Facebook. It gives me much more reasons to pull out my camera and shoot every chance I get 😊

I have shared videos and many pictures on Facebook many years mainly for my family and friends in Vietnam who have no chance of being in America. Not knowing what I love doing so much will bring me monetary rewards. A few days ago, my friend L asked me to re-edit her parent’s birthday party video - the 90+ years-old couple. She said this video would be a treasure for her family, and she wanted it done perfectly. She said she would pay me for my time. That is nice! When I offered to shoot the video, I told her it was my gift to her family - I worked for food only that night 😬. This was the first video that I made with love and rewards.

I am happy! I am happy for being able to bring joy to others. I am happy that I have a new equipment to enhance my work for free and new knowledge about videos and photos. Giving freely to others many years, and now it comes right back to me. What a beautiful circle! I have received offers to collaborate with a big company, and requests to do advertising. Pretty soon I’ll be too busy to do anything else.

My dream job is writing, creating cooking, traveling videos and public speaking.

What makes you happy?

May 25, 2023

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