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I am so happy right now! I want to jump up the rooftop to scream my lung out: “THANK YOU, GOD! Thank You for not forsaking me in time of darkness.” ♥️

For almost twenty years serving the public: the poor, elderly and sick, I gave my heart to them. There was once I fought with my administration to help my client. I cried with them when I heard their sad stories. I did everything in my power to make sure they received the medical insurance as they were entitled to. It was my most concern at work. Fast forward, in the last several months, I found myself in a dark hole. I had a hard time paying for our family medical insurance premiums. Some suggested that I should look into help. Being as tough as I have ever been, it’s very hard for me to get help. However, everything is going to change for the better from this day forward! I will share with you more on my wonderful news as being recognized as a content creator on the later post.

In darkness, you have to adjust your eyes and find your way out. Do not hate it. There are always lessons learned from it. Learn to be patient. Learn to have faith in your Creator. Learn to be appreciative for every little things you have. Start with appreciate your life - the one and only you have. As long as you can open your eyes and breathe, you still have a chance to make your life worthwhile. As for me, I am always grateful for this life I have. I am thankful to God, my family and friends who are by my side during my ups and downs. Thank You. ♥️

March 24, 2023

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