Ten Things I am Grateful for

Before you get out of your bed, silently count your blessings up to ten. Here are mine this morning on 04.16.2020:

1. I am grateful for a big brand-new office desk.

2. I am thankful to my husband Dennis who supports everything I do.

3. I am grateful for my health. It is a big blessing to have a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

4. I'm happy and thankful that my family is well during this pandemic.

5. I'm grateful for having a new career as a financial consultant where I can help a person from birth to death.

6. I'm grateful for having multiple interests in life which makes my life interesting.

7. I'm happy and excited to introduce to the world next month a new book entitled Coming to America - A Selection of Short Stories. ❤️

8. I’m thankful that I still can lend others a helping hand during this trying time.

9. I am thankful for United States of America, the land of opportunities where dreams can happen as long as you work hard for it.

10. I am grateful for everything I have and will have. Thank you, God! ❤️


Mental Health


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