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I once was asked, “Do you believe in love?” “Yes, as romantic as I am,” I replied. My heart vibrated at young age where I had a crush for a school boy for many years, and his image stayed with me long after I Ieft Vietnam. When I came back to Vietnam decades later, I still asked for his whereabouts. Although we never once had spoken to each other.

What is love? According to the Oxford dictionary online, love is an intense feeling of deep affection, and it is a great interest and pleasure in something. I believe everyone needs love, but some choose a loveless life out of convenience. As for me, as long as my heart is still beating, I want to feel love and affection.

In most cultures, especially the Vietnamese, you are being looked down for having more than one marriages. It’s almost like you got a trophy for having one long-lasting marriage. However, how many of them are truly loved and happy at the end of their lives? One of my girlfriends told me recently that her parents have lived together for over 60 years, but the good 40 years he didn’t care or love his wife anymore! From the outside look, they are the perfect couple, but only the wife knew how painful she had to put up with her husband’s infidelity and heartless actions!

Growing up, I didn’t calculate love. I didn’t consider physical appearance, financial status, age, race, education, career, culture, religion, or interests. I gave love a fair chance. Knowing what I know today, all of these above are important in finding a mate. Without meeting most of these requirements, it would be hard to be a good fit.

Do you believe in love?

March 5, 2023

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