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As usual in the morning, I enjoy walking outside of our house for 20-30 minutes with a cup of hot tea. It was a lovely day yesterday where the sun finally came up after the storms. As I looked at the familiar objects, I couldn’t resist capturing them on my camera, for soon they will be the distant memories ….

Exactly nine years ago, I was head-over-heels on my

new love. For the first three months, I didn’t bother writing my random thoughts on social media because I was too busy writing to my special person! Happiness was overflowing, and it showed on my smile.

What has happened since then? How does one keep love alive? To fall in love is easy, but to keep loving someone takes a lot of work. From my experience, you need to find someone with a lot of common interests and values where you develop friendship first before anything else. No matter how much your partner could shower you with gifts, without having the common interests or values, the love will eventually disappear. 💔

March 3, 2023

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